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      ATEAS's Advisory Board /  Scientific and Technical Committee & Editorial Review Board on Engineering and Applied Sciences is now opened for qualified individual holding a PhD in fields related to engineering and applied sciences.  Send you vitae / resume / homepage URL with photo to the Editor-in-Chief.

        Professor Dr.Zhong Hu (South Dakota State University, USA)
        Specialization: Nanotechnology and nanoscale modeling by quantum mechanical/molecular dynamics (QM/MD)
        Scopus Author ID: 55705496200
        (EiC @
        Published more than 27 papers (in Scopus), 43 total citations by 42 papers, with 29 co-authors

        Puerto Rico Region Editor
        Professor Dr.Vijay K. Goyal (University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, USA)
        Specialization: Aerospace Engineering
        Scopus Author ID: 18041903100
        Published more than 15 papers (in Scopus), 83 citations by 80 papers, with 12 co-authors
        Associate Editor
        Professor Dr. Nellore S. Venkataraman (The Catholic University of America, Washington D. C. (Retired from University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez USA))
        Specialization: Aeronautics, Astronautics and Engineering Sciences
        Scopus Author ID: 7003399153
        Published more than 16 papers (in Scopus), cited by more than 105 papers, with 27 co-authors
        Professor Dr. Marino Lupi (Università di Pisa, Italy)
        Specialization: Transportation Engineering
        Scopus Author ID: 6603767593
        Professor Dr.Martin Tajmar (Dresden University of Technology, German)
        Specialization: Aerospace Engineering (Space Propulsion Systems)
        Scopus Author ID: 6701852796
        Published more than 113 papers (in Scopus), cited by more than 225 papers, with 129 co-authors
        Professor Dr. Gianni Caligiana (University of Bologna, Italy )
        Specialization: Aerospace Engineering (Space Propulsion Systems)
        Scopus Author ID: 6506760396
        Published more than 17 papers (in Scopus), 193 citations by 112 papers, with 11 co-authors
        Professor Dr. Paolo Bassi ( Universita' di Bologna, Italy )
        Specialization: Electromagnetic
        Scopus Author ID: 7103124489
        Published more than 88 papers (in Scopus), 724 citations by 639 papers, with 126 co-authors
        Associate Prof. Dr. Jale Tezcan (Southern Illinois University Carbondale, USA)
        Specialization: Ground motion modeling, signal processing, material characterization
        Scopus Author ID: 23098805600
        Published more than 19 papers (in Scopus), 99 citations by 92 papers, with 29 co-authors
        Associate Prof. Dr. Faris Ali Mustafa Mzoori (Salahaddin University -Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan Region)
        Specialization: Architectural Designs, Space Syntax, Building Performance
        Associate Prof. Dr. Iraj H.P. Mamaghani (University of North Dakota, USA)
        Specialization: Structural Engineering
        ASCE Author: Mamaghani%2C+I+H+P
        Published more than 45 papers, 312 citations
        Associate Prof. Dr. Ying Deng (University of South Dakota, USA)
        Specialization: Tissue Engineering, antimicrobial, biomaterials
        Scopus Author ID: 55326314400
        Published more than 15 papers (in Scopus), 123 citations by 115 papers, with 27 co-authors
        Associate Prof. Dr. Rasim Guldiken (University of South Florida, USA)
        Specialization: Micro & Nano Sensors and Transducers
        Scopus Author ID: 8608764300
        Published more than 56 papers (in Scopus), 443 citations by 355 papers, with 57 co-authors
        Associate Prof. Dr. Arti Ahluwalia (Università di Pisa, Italy)
        Specialization: Bioengineering
        Scopus Author ID: 7004369208
        Published more than 119 papers (in Scopus), 1827 citations by 1434 papers, with 150 co-authors
        Associate Prof. Dr. Yang Deng (Montclair State University, USA)
        Specialization: Environmental Remediation, Water and wastewater treatment, Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs), Environmental Nanotechnology and Landfill Leachate Management
        Scopus Author ID: 7401531172
        Published more than 78 papers (in Scopus), 1480 citations by 1188 papers, with 118 co-authors
        Associate Prof. Wuthichai Wongthatsanekorn (Thammasat University, Thailand )
        Specialization: Supply Chain System, Operations Research
        Scopus Author ID: 15023780900
        Published more than 7 papers (in Scopus), 49 citations by 48 papers, with 12 co-authors
          Associate Prof. Dr. Pietro Croce (University of Pisa, Italy)
        Specialization: Bridge, steel and structural engineering
        Scopus Author ID: 7007129183
        Published more than 13 papers (in Scopus), 39 citations by 39 papers, with 23 co-authors
        Associate Prof. Dr. Xingmao (Samuel) Ma (Texas A&M University, USA)
        Specialization: Environmental health and safety of engineered nanomaterials
        Assistant Professor Dr. Apichai Tuanyok (University of Florida, Gainesville, USA)
        Specialization: Medical Microbiology
        Scopus Author ID: 6506832663
        Published more than 45 papers (in Scopus), cited by more than 400 papers
        Assistant Prof. Dr. Xi Lin (Boston University, USA )
        Specialization: Materials sciences and simulation of materials electric, optical, magnetic, and mechanical properties
        Scopus Author ID: 7404513808
        Published more than 35 papers (in Scopus), 427 citations by 320 papers, with 41 co-authors
        Assistant Prof. Dr.Apiwat Muttamara (Thammasat University, Thailand )
        Specialization: EDM for Insulating Materials, Manufacturing System, CNC Technology
        Scopus Author ID: 6508070208
        Published more than 12 papers (in Scopus), 84 citations by 74 papers, with 11 co-authors
        Assistant Prof. Dr.Jie Cheng (University of Hawaii at Hilo, USA)
        Specialization: Bioinformatics, pattern recognition, high-performance computing and visualization

        Assistant Prof. Dr. Jeremiah Neubert (University of North Dakota, USA)
        Specialization: Robotics, Computer vision, and Augmented reality
        Scopus Author ID: 24822064000
        Published more than 26 papers (in Scopus), 21 citations by 19 papers, with 34 co-authors
        Assistant Prof. Dr. Didem Ozevin (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA)
        Specialization: Structural smart sensing, Structural health monitoring techniques
        Scopus Author ID: 56750274300
        Assistant Prof. Dr. Luis A Montejo Valencia (University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez)
        Specialization: Seismic Behavior of Structures
        Scopus Author ID: 23013000900
        Published more than 19 papers (in Scopus), 134 citations by 103 papers, with 12 co-authors
        Dr.Yong Li (Research Associate, University of Missouri-Kansas City, USA)
        Specialization: Nanotechnology, Nanomaterials, AFM
        Scopus Author ID: 55888882300
        Published more than 35 papers, 261 citations (indicated in ResearchGate)
        Assistant Prof. Dr. Ali H. Al-Jameel (University of Mosul, IRAQ)
        Specialization: Architectural Engineering


      Call-for-Scientific Papers
      Call-for-Research Papers: 
      ATEAS invites you to submit high quality papers for full peer-review and possible publication in areas pertaining engineering, science, management and technology, especially interdisciplinary/cross-disciplinary/multidisciplinary subjects.

      To publish your work in the next available issue, your manuscripts together with copyright transfer document signed by all authors  can be submitted via email to Editor @ (no space between). (please see all detail from Instructions for Authors)

      Publication and peer-reviewed process:
      After the peer-review process (4-10 weeks), articles will be on-line published in the available next issue.  However, the American Transactions on Engineering, & Applied Sciences  cannot guarantee the exact publication time as the process may take longer time, subject to peer-review approval and adjustment of the submitted articles.

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