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REVIEWERS: Being part of anonymous international blinded peer-review processInternational Transaction Journal of Engineering, Management, & Applied Sciences & Technologies requests reviewers to help the authors writing a better, in fact more readable, paper. So, please be good, attentive, readers.

Please evaluate
- overall idea: main idea/structure/validity of argument of the article
- each paragraph: smooth transitions between paragraphs and sections, cohesiveness of paragraphs, variety of sentence structure within paragraphs, etc.
- for sentences: word choice/grammar/sentence structure/spelling.

REVIEWERS: To improve the paper, please evaluate the paper in term of strengths/weaknesses and on the quality and accuracy .

1. Introduction:
- Check for review/summarize current knowledge/understanding of the problem
- Check for pertinent previous research to provide a better background
- Check if the purposes/goals of the study clearly identify
- Check for study's approach and addressed specific questions or posed hypotheses
- Check whether introduction correspond to the title. 

2. Theoretical Concepts/Materials: 
- Check whether article gives relevant theories/thoughts
- Check for Identification of important parameters/unknowns/factors

3. Study Methods:
- Check whether the manuscript provide clear and precise explanation about what was done
- conditions/limitation/specifications/treatments/controls of this studies.
- experimental/sampling design and procedures 
- methods of analysis

4. Results and Discussion:
- Draw attention of articles in term of texts, figures, and tables, 
- give clear and complete numerical results and statistics of data
- Interpret and discuss the results
- relating results to the hypothesis and to the existing larger body of information about the topic
- Look for explanations/confirms the study: using literature to help justify  interpretation of the results
- Does the Discussion answer the question posed in the Introduction

5. Conclusions
- Look for consistency with the results
- Check for support of data/results
- Are there other possible alternative interpretations of the data, and are they have been considered?

6 References
- Check for sufficient / upto date references
- Check for better use of references

7. Title and Abstract 

7.1. TITLE
- Check, after getting through the entire paper, whether the Title describes the study and its major findings.

- Does abstract contain the purpose of the study
- Does any methods/procedures used, with brief details explanation?
- Does abstract contain any key results (including quantitative summaries or comparisons) ?
- Have interpretations or conclusions been drawn?
- Do the results show consistency with the theory?

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