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ITJEMAST does not allow names change after submission of the manuscripts.

The International Transaction Journal of Engineering, Management, & Applied Sciences & Technologies contains research reports, articles concerning development works, technical works, research activities, experiments, and experiences. The objectives are to publicize and promote the research contributions and innovative works in the fields associated with engineering, management, applied sciences, and technologies.

See Student Authors for student publication work.

Editorial Policy
Papers of research reports and articles with scientific research merit will be judged for publication under careful consideration from international reviewers. Such research reports and articles include those containing substantial supported theories, innovative works, substantial experimental results and/or containing useful and constructive discussions or reviews standardized to regional or international acceptance. The editor reserves the right to recommend for revision as a condition for final acceptance.

** See Ethical Guidelines for suggestion related to manuscript submission.

Peer Review: All submitted manuscripts will be reviewed independently by up to three individuals who have an understanding and appreciation of the academic peer review process and the respective standards. The majority of reviewers must recommend for publication. A respective successful peer review note is added to the end of the published article.

Manuscript Preparation Guide

Length of Manuscript
Manuscript length is not specified. However, it should be as shortest as possible. The writing should be precise and concise in order to keep the number of pages low. Normally, manuscript length using the template is about 10-20 pages. Nevertheless, the exact length should be designed by the authors as to discuss critical aspects/give important details/tables/figures/charts. Please be more specific on the writing subject, so the readers can pay attention to the reading article.

SI system of units is preferable.

Names of Authors
Listed authors should be limited to those who have made significant contributions to the paper; others may be thanked in the Acknowledgments section. Names of authors, at least first or middle name must be fully written.

Nomenclature and Symbols
Authors may consider to add a section to identify nomenclature and symbols used in the manuscript. The nomenclature section should be inserted between the abstract and the introduction. Symbols must be listed in alphabetical order within each of the following groups: English group first, then Greek, subscripts, and superscripts. Numbers and other symbols should be listed last. If the nomenclature section exists, no need to give definitions scattered throughout the text. Acronyms should be defined in the text, not in the nomenclature.

Peer-Review Comments
Peer-review is a critical method to verify quality of scholar works. Authors must honor peer review comments in helping the manuscript improvement. Authors must work hard to improve the work to reach highest quality, and must above minimum standard for publication to get final acceptance for publication. All improvement details must be elaborated and submitted to the Editor-In-Chief. Of course, authors can argue peer review comments by giving reasons/references to counter peer review comments.

Manuscript Format

Figure and Table: All figure and table must be mentioned in writing, by referring to each figure/table, for example: All coefficients in Table 5 are from simulation. Do not use "the above table" or "the figure below."

Clear graphic should be used, and is placed in the manuscript near where it is mentioned.

References: New up-to-date information should be used, therefore authors should cite newest references sources as possible. It is important that all references must be mentioned in the writing, and vice versa. Please also make sure all references are correct. Only references are used, not bibliography, not footnote.

The manuscript details for text format (font and font size), topic, sub-topic, figure, table, references are given in the template for the journal (Microsoft Word 2010), downloadable at the bottom of this page. Please submit your manuscript using the given template to obtain the correct format. Please submit only doc, docx (non-zip, non-rar) file.

Template of the Journal
Template for the International Transaction Journal of Engineering, Management, & Applied Sciences & Technologies can be downloaded as the links given below.

Authors declaration
Authors are required to state that their material is original and not previously published / submitted elsewhere (authors are required to obtain each reprint permission).

Submission of manuscripts
- ITJEMAST accepts a manuscript use the template with un-modified format only. Please use ITJEMAST MS template downloading from the website only, and do not change the format. Changing will delay the publication process. The simply way is just by copying your work into the template, not trying to modify your file with the template setting.

- Editorial rule regarding manuscripts submission strictly requires copyright transfer agreement form signed by all authors to be accompanied manuscripts submission. Emails of all authors must be provided.

[Template] or [take the Template file from Google Drive] and Copyright Transfer Agreement form can be downloaded (alternative copyright link).

Electronic submission (manuscript + signed copyright) can be made through emailed attachments (Non-zip, non-rar please) to the following address (no space between):

Editor @

Emergency, please please leave a message @ WhatsApp: +66-995535450.

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