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Vol.1 No.1 (Special Issue, October 2010)

Cover: TU Formers 2: Best Fuel Economy of TSAE Auto Challenge 2010

  • A Study of Micro–EDM on Silicon Nitride Using Electrode Materials
  • by Apiwat Muttamara, Pichai Janmanee and Yasushi Fukuzawa

    Keywords: Electrical discharge machining (EDM), Microelectrodes , Wear; electrode wear ratio (EWR), Micro-EDM

    This research proposes Cu, CuW and AgW for electrode materials for micro-electro-discharge machining (micro-EDM), which are produced with block electrode on insulating Si3N4. With these electrodes, some trials were evaluated considering the EDM conditions. The machining properties were estimated by the removal rate and tool wear ratio. The same phenomena are applied at the micron level for micro machining. The conductive layer was investigated on the micro-hole. This study aimed at the minimum of discharge energy to generate the conductive layer resulting to success micro-EDM on insulating ceramics.

  • An Experimental Evaluation of Energy Saving in a Split-type Air Conditioner with Evaporative Cooling Systems 
    Keywords: Indirect evaporative cooling, Splittype air conditioner,  Energy saving

    This research aims to experimentally evaluate the energy saving in a split-type air conditioner, which is using various types of evaporative cooling systems. The condensing unit is retrofitted with a cellulose corrugated pad, water sprayers, a water source and a pump. The power consumption and refrigeration capacity obtained from various cooling types are monitored and compared. The results show that the electrical consumption and coefficient of performance (COPR) significantly depend on the ambient conditions. Due to effects of condensing pressure, when the ambient temperature rises, the electrical consumption becomes higher, while the COPR becomes lower. Utilizing the indirect evaporative cooling system decreases the temperature of air entering the condensing unit, and this causes the system performance to be enhanced considerably. Among the investigated cases, the maximum energy saving occurs when the water spray cooperates with cellulose cooling pad. By using the evaporative cooling systems, COPR is improved by around 6-48%, and electrical consumption is approximately reduced by 4-15%.

  • Numerical Model of Microwave Heating in a Saturated Non-Uniform Porosity Medium Using a Rectangular Waveguide 
  •  Keywords:Microwave heating, Non-uniform porosity, Saturated porous media, Rectangular wave guide, Maxwell’s equation 

    The microwave heating of a porous medium with a non-uniform porosity is numerically investigated, based on the proposed numerical model. A variation of porosity of the medium is considered. The generalized non-Darcian model developed takes into account of the presence of a solid drag and the inertial effect. The transient Maxwell’s equations are solved by using the finite difference time domain (FDTD) method to describe the electromagnetic field in the wave guide and medium. The temperature profile and velocity field within a medium are determined by the solution of the momentum, energy and Maxwell’s equations. The coupled non-linear set of these equations are solved using the SIMPLE algorithm. In this work, a detailed parametric study is conducted for a heat transport inside a rectangular enclosure filled with saturated porous medium of constant or variable porosity. The numerical results agree well with the experimental data. Variations in porosity significantly affect the microwave heating process as well as convective flow pattern.

  • A Review on Quantum Cryptography Technology
  • by Piya Techateerawat

    Keywords: Quantum Cryptography; QKD; Quantum Key Distribution; BB84; BB92

    Nowadays, the information is exchanged among the computer network. These data and information are involved in business, military, academic education, research and etc. which are shared around the world in both private and public network. Since, many categories of data are required restriction on authorization of access, modify, delete and insert, security in communication is increasingly important to the network communication. Currently, computer security applies mathematic theory to computer security for encrypting and decrypting on both sender and receiver. To use security attack with high performance computer (e.g. quantum computer), attacker can find a key and then obtains the data in feasible period. Quantum cryptography is one of the solutions that use property of polarization to ensure that transmitted data is not trapped by eavesdropper. Quantum cryptography is improved significantly in the last decades including the most two dominant protocol BB84 and BB92.

  •  A Feasibility Study on Production of Solid Fuel from Glycerol and Agricultural Wastes
  • by Channarong Asavatesanupap, and Malee Santikunaporn

    Keywords: solid fuel; glycerol; agricultural waste; durian shell; bagasse

    A main goal of the study is to produce solid fuel from glycerol and agricultural wastes in order to find an alternative energy suitable for household usage. In the study, durian shell and bagasse, which are leftover raw materials, were selected to be mixed with by-product glycerol waste from biodiesel process. Durian shell and bagasse were dried and grinded before mixing process. Heating values of each raw material were measured using an adiabatic bomb calorimeter. In order to evaluate feasibility of the production, the various mixing proportions of the mixture were tested by several means, i.e. strength test, heating value measurement, and exhaust gas analysis.

  •  Application of Soft Computing Techniques for Analysis of Groundwater Table Fluctuation in Bangkok Area and Its Vicinity

    by Uruya Weesakul, Kunio Watanabe, and Natkritta Sukasem

    Keywords: Groundwater; Artificial Neural Network (ANN); Genetic Algorithm (GA)

    Being a good quality water resource, groundwater was over used during the last three decades to serve high water demand due to rapid growth in Bangkok and its vicinity. Excessive pumping rate of groundwater in Bangkok results in land subsidence problem and groundwater quality deterioration due to saltwater intrusion into shallow aquifers adjacent to the coast. This study applied a simple linear Genetic Algorithm (GA) model as an alternative tool for monitoring and forecasting of groundwater table. Nonthaburi aquifer, one of three major aquifers amongst seven aquifers in greater Bangkok area, was analyzed in the study. Monthly groundwater table of 43 monitoring wells, amongst 92 wells, 12 years (1997-2009) data was analyzed with land use map. GA was used to divide groundwater basin into sub-regions. Comparison between capability of GA and Artificial Neural Network (ANN) models for prediction of groundwater level reveals that ANN model has a better performance for all cases. However, GA model might be used to predict groundwater level with an acceptable accuracy (9% to 26% relative error). Better performance was obtained in medium to high residential area and industrial area (9-19% relative error). Due to its simplicity as well as period of record length of data requirement, GA is another appropriate alternative tool for monitoring and forecasting groundwater table fluctuation particularly for insufficient data area.

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