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 Volume 5(3) July 2014

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International Transaction Journal of Engineering, Management, & Applied Sciences & Technologies publishes wide spectrum research and technical articles as well as reviews, experiments, experiences, modelings, simulations, designs, and innovations from engineering, sciences, life sciences, and related disciplines as well as interdisciplinary/cross-disciplinary/multidisciplinary subjects.  Original work is required.  Article submitted must not be under consideration of other publisher for publications.

Goals of the International Transaction Journal of Engineering, Management, & Applied Sciences & Technologies

Goals of the peer-review International Transaction Journal of Engineering, Management, & Applied Sciences & Technologies (ITJEMAST) are to cooperate, report, document and, promote technical as well as advance work in the following but not limit to the fields given below.  ITJEMAST strives to meet quality and standard of international peer-review journal.  ITJEMAST's International Editorial Board comprises distinguished members from more than twelve countries ranging from diverse disciplines, institutes, and geographic across the world.

Peer Review: All submitted manuscripts are reviewed independently by three qualified individuals in the field (referees/reviewers) who have an understanding and appreciation of the academic peer review process and the respective standards. Majority of international reviewers must recommend for publication.

Publication Frequency: Quarterly refereed journal

ITJEMAST invites you to submit high quality papers for full peer-review and possible publication in areas pertaining to our scope including engineering, science, management and technology, especially interdisciplinary/cross-disciplinary/multidisciplinary subjects.

Publication Process:
After the peer-review process (4-10 weeks), articles will be on-line published in the next available issue. However, the International Transaction Journal of Engineering, Management, & Applied Sciences & Technologies cannot guarantee the exact publication time as the process may take longer time, subject to peer-review approval and adjustment of the submitted articles.

Fields of Engineering, Management, Applied Sciences & Technologies

Aerospace Engineering
Airport Engineering
Algorithm Engineering
Agricultural Engineering
Applied Information Engineering
Architecture Engineering
Arctic Engineering
Army Engineering Maintenance
Assessment and Rehabilitation of Above-ground Structures
Assistive Technology
Audio Engineering
Automation Engineering
BioChemical Engineering
BioDesign - BioSafety Engineering
BioElectricity Engineering
Bioenergetics Science and Engineering
Biogeochemical Engineering
Biological Engineering, Biological Systems Engineering
Biological Waste Technology
Biomaterials - Bioplastics and Biodegradation
Biomass gasification, Biofuel, Biogas
Biomechanics Engineering
Biomechatronics Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Biomolecular Engineering
BioInformatics - BioSensing
BioProcess Engineering
BioProduct Science and Engineering
Bioresource Science and Engineering
BioRobotic Engineering
BioSciences - BioAnalysis - Biostatistics 
Biosynthesis and Biosynthetic Engineering
BioSystem Engineering
Biotechnology Engineering
Broadcast Engineering
Business Informatics
Building Engineering
Built Environment
Buried Structures-Rehabilitation and Management
Ceramic Engineering
Chassis Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Clean Combustion
Clean Technology
Climate & Weather Sciences
Cloud Computing and Cloud Applications
Coastal and Harbor Engineering
Collapse / Failure in Engineering
Complex Adaptive System Engineering
Composite Materials
Computational Biofluid Dynamics
computational Biomechanics
Computational Mechanics
Computations & Software in Engineering
Computer Engineering
Computer Sciences
Concrete Engineering and Technology
Concurrent Engineering
Construction Engineering & Management
Construction Materials
Continuum Mechanics
Control Engineering, Control System Engineering
Corrosion Science and Engineering
Cost Engineering
Cryptography / Encryption Technology
Digital Humanities
Domestic Technology
Disaster Mitigation and Reduction Engineering
Earthquake Engineering
Ecological Engineering
Economic Engineering
Efficiency in Engineering
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
ElectroChemical Engineering
Electrochemical sensors and Technology
Electro Chemical Science and Engineering
Emerging Technology
Energy, Energy Storage; Energy-Conservation Engineering
Energy Management Engineering Science
Engineering Destruction
Engineering Education
Engineering Geology
Engineering in Practices
Engineering Management
Engineering Physics
Engineering Synthesis
Enterprise Engineering
Environmental Hazards and Hazardous Materials
Environmental Science and Engineering
Environmental Management
Environmental Microbiology
Environmental Technology
Human Motor Control
Financial Engineering
Fire & Fire-Protection Engineering
Fluid-Solid-Structure interactions
Food Science and Technology
Food Engineering & Technology
Forensic Engineering
Gas Engineering and Management
GeoEngineering - GeoSciences
GeoInformation Science and Engineering
GeoSpatial Science and Engineering
GeoSystem Engineering
Geosynthetics, Geocomposites, Geogrids, Geonet, Geofoam
Geotechnical & Foundation Engineering
Genetic Engineering
GIS Engineering
GPS Engineering
Grass Technology
Green Technology
Ground Water Engineering
Ground Water Pollution and Remediation
Ground Environmental Engineering
Hazardous Waste Management
Hazardous Materials Transportation
Health Technologies
Hydraulics & Hydrology Engineering
Hydrocarbon Science
Industrial Energy Management
Industrial Engineering and Management
Infrastructure & Health Monitoring Engineering
Infrastructure System Engineering
Information Science & Engineering
Irrigation Engineering
Instrumentation Engineering
Integrative Engineering
Landscape & Architectural Engineering
Lean Engineering
Lighting Engineering
Machine Vision and Positioning
Maintenance Engineering
Management Analysis
Management and Business Operation
Management and Environment
Management Science and Engineering
Management Techniques
Management Technology
Management Statistics
Manufacturing Engineering
Marine Engineering
Marine Structures
Material Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical System Engineering
Mechatronics Engineering
Medical Robotics
Medical Sciences
Medical Technology
Metallurgical Engineering
Micromechanics and Microengineering
Mining and Petroleum Engineering
Military Engineering
Military Technology
Model Engineering
Multi-disciplinary Engineering
Multi-media Engineering
Naval Architecture
Naval Engineering
Network Engineering
Neuro-fuzzy Engineering
Neuromechanics Engineering
Neural Network Engineering
Nuclear Engineering
Ocean Engineering
Offshore Engineering
Oil Engineering
Ontology Engineering
Operation Research
Optical Engineering
Optimization Engineering
Pharmaceutical Engineering
Photogrammetry Engineering
Plastic Engineering and Technology
Pollution Control and Residuals Management
Pollution Engineering
Power Plant Engineering
Precision Engineering
Quality Engineering (quality assurance engineering)
Quality Systems Management
Quantum Engineering and Systems Science
Recycled Materials Engineering
Rehabilitation Engineering
Release Engineering
Remote Sensing Technology
Renewable Energy Systems, Technology, and Engineering
Repair and Maintenance Technology
Reverse Engineering
Risk Analysis in Engineering
Risk Quantification
River Engineering
Robotics Engineering
Rock Mechanics
Rubber Engineering
Safety Engineering
Sanitary Engineering
Security Engineering
Sediment and Contaminant Transport
Seismic Engineering
Seismic Hazard Mitigation
Smart Electronics
Smart Materials and Structures
Social Engineering
Software Engineering
Soil Dynamics Engineering and Soil Improvement Techniques
Solar Energy Engineering
Sound Engineering
Space System Engineering
Space Technology
Spatial Information Engineering
Speech Recognition
Steel Engineering
Stochastic Processes in Engineering
Structural Mechanics
Structural & Bridge Engineering
Structural Health Monitoring
Structural Safety and Retrofitting
Surveying Engineering
Sustainable Civil Infrastructure
Sustainable Engineering
Sustainable Building Systems
Sustainable Systems Engineering
Systems Engineering
Systems Innovation
Technology-based Management
Thermo-Fluid System Engineering
Telecommunication Engineering
Textile Engineering
Tissue Engineering
Transportation & Traffic & Pavement Engineering
Trash/Waste-to-Energy Technology Turbine Engineering
Treatment Technologies
Trenchless Technology
TurboMachinery Engineering
Turbulence and Fluid Mechanics
Urban Engineering
Urban Hydrosystems Engineering
Value Engineering
Vehicle Engineering
Visual Technology
Waste Water Treatment
Waste/Trash Disposal Management and Technology
Waste-free Technolgy
Water Supply Engineering
Water & Waste Water Engineering Science
Water Resources Engineering
Watershed Engineering and Management
Wave Mechanics
Weapons Engineering
Weather & Climate Engineering
Wood Engineering
Wireless Engineering
Wind Engineering Science
Applied Sciences
Applied Technology
Emerging Technology

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