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Research Editorial Board

Messages of condolences:

On behalf of the Editorial Board, I would like to express our deepest condolences for the great loss of Professor Dr.Kunio Watanabe ( Geosphere Research Institute, Saitama University JAPAN ). He was a very kind person who was always willing to give his time and knowledge to help ITJEMAST. We are deeply saddened that we will not have him around us anymore. We pray that he would be in perfect peace.

With much love

Professor Ahmad Sanusi Hassan, Editor-in-Chief

Ahmad Sanusi Hassan, PhD
Professor (Universiti Sains Malaysia, MALAYSIA )

(Editor @
Specialization: Architechural Engineering

Executive Editor
Boonsap Witchayangkoon, PhD
Thammasat University, THAILAND
(Editor @,  (drboonsap @
Specialization: Spatial Science and Engineering

 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Gadi (The University of Nottingham, United Kingdom )
Specialization:  Building Technology
Professor Dr.Hitoshi YAMADA ( Vice President, Yokohama National University, Japan )
Specialization: Civil and Structural Engineering
Professor Dr. Chuen-Sheng Cheng (Yuan Ze University, Taiwan )
Specialization: Industrial Engineering and Management
Emeritus Professor Dr.Mike Jenks (Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom )
Specialization:  Environmental-based Urban Sustainability

Professor Dr.Mikio SATOMURA (Shizuoka University, Japan )
Specialization: GeoScience, GPS Engineering, Weather Sciences
Professor Dr.Toshio YOSHII (EHIME University, Japan )
Specialization: Transportation Engineering and Planning
Professor Dr. I Nyoman Pujawan (Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology, Indonesia )
Specialization: Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Operations Management
 Professor Dr.Neven Duić (University of Zagreb, Croatia )
Specialization: Power Engineering and Energy Management
Professor Dr. Dewan Muhammad Nuruzzaman (University Malaysia Pahang MALAYSIA)
SpecializationManufacturing Engineering
Professor Dr. Masato SAITOH (Saitama University, Japan )
Specialization: Earthquake engineering, soil, foundation and structures.

Scientific and Technical Committee & Editorial Review Board on Engineering, Technologies and Applied Sciences.

Professor Dr.Lee, Yong-Chang (Incheon City College South Korea ) 
Specialization: GPS Engineering, Surveying Engineering, Spatial Technology
Associate Prof. Dr.Fuziah Ibrahim (Universiti Sains Malaysia, MALAYSIA )
Specialization: Interior Architecture and Human Factors
Associate Prof. Dr. Paulo Cesar Lima Segantine (University of São Paulo, Brasil )
Specialization: GPS Engineering, GIS,  Surveying Engineering
Associate Prof. Dr. Kurt B. Wurm (New Mexico State University, USA )
Specialization: Surveying Engineering, Spatial Technology
Associate Prof. Dr. Truong Vu Bang Giang (Vietnam National University, Hanoi, Vietnam )
Specialization:  Wireless Communications, Electrical  Engineering
Dr.H. Mustafa Palancıoğlu (Erciyes University, Turkey)
Specialization: Spatial Technology, GIS Engineering
Associate Prof.Dr.Peter Kuntu-Mensah (Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, USA)
Specialization: Photogrammetry Engineering, GIS Sciences
Dr. Mazran bin Ismail (Universiti Sains Malaysia, MALAYSIA )
Specialization: Architectural Engineering
Assistant Prof.Dr. Zoe D. Ziaka (Hellenic Open University, Greece ) 
Specializations: Chemical Engineering & Applications, Membrane Reactors
Dr. Salahaddin Yasin Baper (Salahaddin University - Hawler, IRAQ ) 
Specializations: Architectural Engineering
Dr. David Kuria (Kimathi University College of Technology, Kenya )
Specialization: GIS, Remote Sensing, Spatial Engineering, and Applications
Assistant Prof. Dr. Akeel Noori Abdul Hameed (University of Sharjah, UAE)
Specialization: Environmental Impact Assessment, Heat Exchange in Buildings, Passive and Green Design
Madam Wan Mariah Wan Harun (Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia )
Specialization:  Architectural, Housing, and Planning
Dr. C. Raza Mirza (UK )
Specialization: Strategic Management, Geographic Information Systems
Associate Prof. Dr. Rohit Srivastava (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India )
Specialization: Fluorescent Biosensors, Nanoengineered Sensors, Controlled Release, Layer-by-Layer Self-Assembly, BioMEMS, Photothermal therapy for breast cancer
Dr. Foong Swee Yeok (Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia )
Specialization:  Biodiversity, Plant-environment interactions, GIS Applications
Associate Professor Dr. Junji SHIKATA (Yokohama National University, Japan
Specialization:  Cryptologic Research, Anti-Malware Engineering, Security and Authenticated Encryption, Information Theory
Dr.Azusa FUKUSHIMA (Kobe Gakuin University, Japan)
Specialization:  Climatology, Meteorology

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