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  • The Effect of Covid-19 on the Blood Supply to the Gums and the Appearance of Caries

    Madina Dzhanbulatovna Yusupova (Rostov State Medical University, Rostov-on-Don, RUSSIA),
    Azizat Akhmedovna Magomedova (Dagestan State Medical University, Makhachkala, Republic of Dagestan, RUSSIA),
    Amina Umar-Askhabovna Suleymanova (Moscow State Medical and Dental University named after A. I. Evdokimov, Moscow, RUSSIA),
    Elena Gabrielovna Dzhigkaeva (North Ossetian State Medical Academy, Vladikavkaz, Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, RUSSIA),
    Anisa Abdul-Mejidovna Edelbieva, Iman Viskhanovna Achkhanova (Chechen State University named after A.A. Kadyrov, Grozny, Republic of Chechnya, RUSSIA),
    Islam Magomedovich Tabuev, Usman Magomedovich Tabuev, Magomed Khamzatovich Aidamirov (Rostov State Medical University, Rostov-on-Don, RUSSIA),
    Aishat Kharonovna Khamkhoeva, Liliya Umarpashaevna Osmanova (Moscow State Medical and Dental University named after A. I. Evdokimov, Moscow, RUSSIA).

    Discipline: Medicine, Dentistry.

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    doi: 10.14456/ITJEMAST.2022.228

    Keywords:Oral cavity, Mucous membrane, Blood supply, Local immunity factors, Caries, Covid-19

    The biological system of the oral cavity provides a number of protective mechanisms that fight pathogenic factors that arise due to a decrease in local immunity. This problem is found in patients after Covid-19. There is a violation of the blood supply to all organs and systems, including the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. As a result, patients have an increased risk of ulcers, plaques, fungal infections of the oral cavity, cracks, and spot hemorrhages. Due to a decrease in immune reactions in the oral cavity, the risk of caries in all groups of teeth increases, the permeability of enamel increases, and mineral substances exit from the hard tissues of the tooth.

    Paper ID: 13A11R

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    Yusupova, M.Dzh., Magomedova, A.A., Suleymanova, A.U-A., Dzhigkaeva, E.G., Edelbieva, A. A-M., Achkhanova, I.V., ... Osmanova, L.U. (2022). The Effect of Covid-19 on the Blood Supply to the Gums and the Appearance of Caries. International Transaction Journal of Engineering, Management, & Applied Sciences & Technologies, 13(11), 13A11R, 1-9. http://TUENGR.COM/V13/13A11R.pdf DOI: 10.14456/ITJEMAST.2022.228


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