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Vol.11(15) (2020)

  • Parklet Ideas Making Small Street Urban Spaces with Big Impacts

    Hanaa Mahmoud Shokry ( Department of Interior Design, Faculty of Architecture and Design, Jazan University, KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA).

    Disciplinary: Urban and City Design, Landscape Ecology and Environmental Aesthetic Management.

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    DOI: 10.14456/ITJEMAST.2020.302

    Keywords: Urban street design; Design considerations; Community life; Jazan City; Metered parking; Parklet design; Cityscape; Streetscape.

    This paper discusses parklets, an idea of simple solutions that can solve some social issues and respond to environmental conditions, at the same time. The study approaches both theoretical and case study to represents an innovative approach to street design that redistributes street spaces more safe and comfortable for all users and, covers elements that can help to create friendly places to enhance community life. We can define parklets as, small removable, physical intervention platforms made available to the public for recreational use that takes the place of two or more on-street parking spaces, widening the sidewalk. Parklets symbolize the desire to create a more enjoyable, communal, healthy, and vibrant public realm. Transforming excess street space into a cost-effective, small park that can have an enormous impact. Designing a successful parklet requires a variety of considerations. The study shows that small spaces can make a massive difference on the street by creating new public spaces and pedestrian areas that improve the quality of life. After reviewing and analyzing many models of parklets in the world, the paper reaches some standards of parklets design, which can correspond to the streets of downtown Jazan City as a case study that can be applied in all cities of the Saudi Kingdom and the world.

    Paper ID: 11A15N

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    Shokry, H. M.(2020). Parklet Ideas Making Small Street Urban Spaces with Big Impacts. International Transaction Journal of Engineering, Management, & Applied Sciences & Technologies, 11(15), 11A15N, 1-6.


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