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Vol.11(15) (2020)
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  • Architectural Prototypes in Support of Urban Farming and the Sustainable City

    Timothy C. Gray (Department of Architecture, Ball State University, Indiana, USA).

    Disciplinary: Green Architecture, Urban Agricultures, Agricultural Sustainability, Agriculture Green Economy, Sustainable City.

    DOI: 10.14456/ITJEMAST.2020.289

    Keywords: America urban farming; Mobile greenhouse; Design build; Rust belt prototypes; Urban attrition; Urban farmers; Architectural typology; Gridshell dome; Project School; Grassroots urban farming.

    Sustainable cities of the future can no longer be just consumers of food and producers of waste (Cockrall-King, 2012). A growing movement toward food production within urban areas, "urban farming", is sweeping across America, in particular throughout the Midwest and "rust belt" cities suffering from population loss. Urban farming repurposes vacant properties resulting from economic decline, home, and business foreclosures, to bring food production and distribution full circle to the way the system operated before refrigeration and long-distance trucking (Heikens, 2010). The city of Indianapolis, USA will be used as a case study to look at new architectural typologies designed to support this growing movement. Like many cities throughout the world, Indianapolis has an eroding manufacturing base, marginal public schools, and high crime rates, which have all contributed to significant attrition. City officials in Indianapolis have supported urban farming as a strategy to address the 21,000 vacant and abandoned properties in this city of just under one million residents. This paper will present and learn from a series of recently completed (architecture) student design-build projects which offer insight into new architectural typologies designed to support urban farming efforts throughout the country and throughout the world.

    Paper ID: 11A15A

  • Development of Traffic Management by Public Participatory Process: The Case of Traffic In Front of Mueang Phetchabun Schools

    Yotsutha Vichaitanapat, Supornchai Utainarumol (Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok, THAILAND ),
    Boonsap Witchayangkoon (Department of Civil Engineering, Thammasat School of Engineering, Thammasat University, Rangsit, Pathumtani, THAILAND ).

    Disciplinary: Civil Engineering (Traffic and Safety Management), Public Administration and Policy.

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    DOI: 10.14456/ITJEMAST.2020.290

    Keywords: Public participatory process (PPP); Social inclusion; Safety management; U-turn management; Traffic jams; Increase road safety; Traffic accidents; PPP discussion group; Road safety; Road diet.

    This research studies and develops the traffic management on Thai highway No.21 in front of three schools in Phetchabun province, by collecting opinions through the public participation process (PPP). The PPP group comprises thirty-five people of agencies related to traffic and accidents (six responsible traffic police officers, four responsible highway engineers, and twelve community traffic volunteer staff) and thirteen frequent travelers. A structured survey is conducted to learn concerns about traffic problems/management during rush hours as well as opinions on solving traffic problems. The PPP group has multiple in-depth conversations, with a framework for traffic management and solutions to reduce accidents on Thai highway No.21 in front of schools in Mueang district, Phetchabun province, Thailand. From the opinion survey, the most serious is lacking traffic problem resolution, followed by on-street parking, insufficient public transportation, most drivers lacking knowledge of traffic rules, large trucks to stop and deliver goods, and too many motorcycles. The PPP group wants to have more traffic surface to solve traffic jam. The PPP group has been introduced various possible strategies to road safety management including U-turn management. adding bumps/speed tables, using by-pass roads or ring roads, road diet, using information technology, strong road traffic laws enforcement, charging rush hours toll to trucks, providing parking spaces raise awareness through education. The trade-off of traffic management should be considered.

    Paper ID: 11A15B

  • Does Firm's Life Cycle Stages Affect the Cost of Equity Capital in Asia?

    Misbah Wadood (Department of Accounting and Finance, Faculty of Management Sciences, International Islamic University Islamabad, PAKISTAN, and Department of Management Sciences, COMSATS University Islamabad, PAKISTAN),
    Hashim Khan, Muhammad Amir Alvi (Department of Management Sciences, COMSATS University Islamabad, PAKISTAN).

    Disciplinary: Financial Management.

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    DOI: 10.14456/ITJEMAST.2020.291

    Keywords: Company's life cycle; Resource-based views; Retained earnings; Organizational capability; Equity cost; Information asymmetry.

    The research paper focuses on a dynamic resource-based view that highlights a significant change in paths and patterns of the evolution in organizational capability through the life cycle stages. A sample of 830 Asian firms for 2006-2017 is used for analysis. The paper reveals that the cost of equity capital is negatively associated with retained earnings. In the second stage, the study also highlights that cost of equity capital turns out to be lower in the growth and maturity stages and there is a significant difference in determinants of the cost of equity capital during different stages of the life cycle.

    Paper ID: 11A15C

  • HR Policies Appraisal for the Airline Industry of Pakistan Using a Mixed-Method Approach

    Kausar Parveen (Department of Management Science, Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, PAKISTAN ),
    Waqar Akbar, Kanwal Hanif(Department of Management Science, Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science & Technology, PAKISTAN ).

    Disciplinary: Human Resource Management (HRM in the Aviation Industry).

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    DOI: 10.14456/ITJEMAST.2020.292

    Keywords: HR Audit; HR climate; Training & development; HR department; Airline employee; Job analysis; HR policy.

    The study examines HR policies using an HR Audit approach to improve the employee's productivity in the airline industry of Pakistan. HR Audit implies an in-depth analysis of the HR functions to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the current policies and procedures to bring overall improvement in the productivity of the organization's HR. The study follows a mixed-method (qualitative and quantitative) research approach, including in-depth interviews with three representatives of HR departments and a survey of 255 employees working in the airline industry of Pakistan. The results find inadequate HR policies in the airline industry. nepotism and favoritism in selection procedures is a gray area where leadership consideration is required. The results also provide guidelines for HR policymakers by identifying the avenue for improvement in the HR system, which may reduce the risk at the initial stage before it emerges as a significant threat in the future.

    Paper ID: 11A15D

  • Understanding Millennials Frustration at Work from a Lens of Self-determination Theory

    Saba Khan, Waqar Akbar, Naila Imran, Mehreen Mansoor, Asna Usman (Faculty of Management Science, Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science & Technology, PAKISTAN ).

    Disciplinary: Management Science.

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    DOI: 10.14456/ITJEMAST.2020.293

    Keywords: Need frustration; Autonomy frustration; Emotional exhaustion; Relatedness frustration; Workplace autonomy; Absenteeism; Somatic stress; Work stress; Job autonomy; Somatic symptom burden; Competency frustration.

    The study finds the millennials' perspectives of their workplace from the lens of self-determination theory, in which, the frustration of work leads to stress and somatic symptom burden, which resultantly produce emotional exhaustion and cause absenteeism. The study collects the data from 223 milliners working in the banking sector. Three components of the Self-determination Theory, namely autonomy, relatedness, and competency are measured as independent variables whereas stress and somatic stress are measured as mediating variables. Finally, absenteeism and emotional exhaustion were measured as dependent variables. Using partial least square structural equation modeling, the results reveal that need-frustration has a significant impact on emotional exhaustion but insignificant on absenteeism. Further, sequential mediators including stress and somatic stress have full mediation between need-frustration and absenteeism but insignificant with emotional exhaustion. The study is useful for crafting workplace policies for millennials.

    Paper ID: 11A15E

  • Efficient Diagnostic Cardiac System using Machine Learning Approach

    Mujtaba Ashraf Qureshi (Department of Information Technology, Mewar University, Chittorgarh (Raj), INDIA ),
    Azad Kumar Shrivastava (Department of Computer Science, Mewar University, Chittorgarh (Raj), INDIA ).

    Disciplinary: Computer and Information Technology, Cardiology (Cardiovascular Health and Disease).

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    DOI: 10.14456/ITJEMAST.2020.294

    Keywords: Data mining; neural networks; feature selection; WEKA tool; Cardiovascular disease prediction; Cardiac disease prediction.

    Heart disease is considered one of the ultimate threats to human life. To predict cardiac diseases in the early stages has become a challenge to medical science. Machine learning has acted as a rescuer to assist and develop various cardiac diagnostic systems. Data mining techniques mostly used as a synonym to machine learning plays an important role to mine useful knowledge. However, machine learning (ML) emphasis more on the prediction of diverse diseases. In this research work, three models are devised to predict cardiovascular diseases using artificial neural networks. Models are devised based on the application of a different number of hidden layers. The backpropagation algorithm is used to calculate the desired value by the adjustment of weights of the neurons in the network. In the very last stage of the experimental work performance measures of the three devised models are compared to reach the most efficient model.

    Paper ID: 11A15F

  • Unemployment and Education Quality in Russia

    Marina A. Osintseva (Department of Business Informatics and Mathematics, Tyumen Industrial University, RUSSIA).

    Disciplinary: Employment and Career Studies, Education (Curriculum Quality Assessment and Evaluation).

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    DOI: 10.14456/ITJEMAST.2020.295

    Keywords: Education quality; Career-related skills; Unemployment; Labor market; Human capital; Employment; Educational system.

    The problem of career guidance for the youth is one of the most pressing social problems in the field of reproduction of manpower resources and human capital. Attempts of its solving in one way or another involve research of the current situation in the labor market by exploring the unemployment rate and the factors that influence it. This refers to the employment statistics that relate to the youth with various education levels. Our conclusions come from the case of Russia at a national level where against the background of the aging population, there are the developed networks of vocational education and resource-rich economy. The analysis of the situation evidences that unemployment affects the youth more than other age groups. When searching for jobs, young people face the difficulties of adjustment and mismatch (or lack) between the gained knowledge/skills and employers' requirements/needs. Having completed correlation and factor analyses, we assessed how much the situation in the labor market depends on the education being received and other aspects of social and economic life. The results obtained suggest that the aggregative factors, such as education, labor supply, and financial well-being have the highest impact on numbers of the unemployed. The influence significance of the education factor (84% versus 6% and 4% of others, respectively) points out the need for harmonization in this field in terms of the manpower training structure and education quality. Different perceptions of education efficiency that students and professors have to confirm this. To some degree, we believe that the solution to this problem might be in a revision of the approach to the provision of educational services, where practice-oriented education should come first.

    Paper ID: 11A15G

  • Impacts of Basic Psychological Needs on Mental Health with Mediating Effect of Psychological Distress in Cardiac Patients

    Abdul Sattar Ghaffari (Zhongtai Securities, Institute for Financial Studies, School of Mathematics, Shandong University, Jinan, CHINA),
    Muhammad Tahir (School of Medicine, Shandong University, Jinan, CHINA),
    Muhammad Khalid Javed (Department of Surgery, Nishter Medical University, Multan, PAKISTAN),
    Sana Ullah (College of Psychology, Southwest University, Chongqing, CHINA),
    Malik Mureed Hussain (Department of Psychology, International Islamic University, Islamabad, PAKISTAN),
    Shagufta Bibi (School of Psychology, Shaanxi Normal University, Xi'an, CHINA).

    Disciplinary: Psychology and Mental Health, Medicine and Cardiology (Cardiovascular Health and Disease).

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    DOI: 10.14456/ITJEMAST.2020.296

    Keywords: Psychological Distress; Mental Health, Competence; Relatedness; Autonomy; Cardiovascular disease (CVD); Cardiac patient.

    This study desired to check a mediation model that measured the relationship between basic psychological needs and mental health by employing psychological distress as a mediating factor in cardiac patients. Total 313 Hospitalized Cardiac patients were chosen from Nishtar Hospital, Multan Pakistan through a purposive sampling technique and they completed a booklet of instruments targeted to measure study variables. Basic Psychological Needs Scale, an 18-item self-report Mental Health Inventory (MHI-18), and Kessler Psychological Distress Scale (K10) were used to study the target variables included in the model. A significant relationship is found in basic psychological needs, psychological distress, and mental health in cardiac patients. Results of the mediation model revealed that the relationship between basic psychological needs and anxiety, depression, behavioral control, and positive affect was significantly mediated by psychological distress. The results of the comparison of sub-scales of mental health between male and female cardiac patients reveal a significant difference in the subscales except for depression. The results are on the same track as previous research but the novelty of this research lies in its unique model tested with cardiac patients.

    Paper ID: 11A15H

  • Talent Management and the Digital Journey: Case Studies on the Apparel SMEs in Malaysia

    Joyce F.Y. Leu (Department of Business Studies, HELP University, MALAYSIA),
    Masri Ridzuan (Faculty of Management and Business, Manipal International University, MALAYSIA).

    Disciplinary: Management Science (SME Business Management, Digital Business Management, HRM, Technology in Business Management).

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    DOI: 10.14456/ITJEMAST.2020.297

    Keywords: Omni-channel retailing; Talent management; Malaysia apparel business; Apparel SMEs; Digital business; Dynamic capabilities; Online apparel firm; Digital talent; Business digital infrastructure; Talented employees, Apparel business strategy; ASEAN business.

    Due to the disruptive technology in the 4th industrial revolutions, many changes have taken place in the apparel industry. The 4th industrial revolution has been described as the new modes of production, consumption patterns will transform all the major industrial systems. The technologies played important roles in the apparel industry include 3D designs, digital printings, RFID, automated manufacturing. With a massive transformation, many retail stores still use pre-internet business methods, due to a shortage of talent and relevant infrastructure. The objective of this study to understand the processes of how apparel SMEs successfully internationalize their businesses through the integration of talent and technological infrastructure. The studied firms have been using the omni-channel method in digital businesses including the merchandise team, digital marketing, and other managerial talents to ensure the success of the whole process. These include the design of the product, triangle manufacturing, and retail stores to the delivery of the products to consumers. Malaysian firms put the focus on Singapore due to purchasing power, cultural similarity, and geographical distance. Nevertheless, with the omni-channel of online business in Singapore, the performance in retail stores is still better than the online sales but the digital businesses are growing and it is necessary to embrace digital business.

    Paper ID: 11A15I

  • Determination the Quality of Meat, Manufactured Meat, and Meat Products via the Histological Method

    Manya Mkrtchyan, Danil Safronov (Department of Biology, Ecology and Histology, Saint Petersburg State University of Veterinary Medicine, Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA),
    Anton Tokarev, Svetlana Makavchik, Diana Orlova (Department of Veterinary and Sanitary Expertise, Saint Petersburg State University of Veterinary Medicine, Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA).

    Disciplinary: Veterinary Science, Biology, Histology, Bioscience.

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    DOI: 10.14456/ITJEMAST.2020.298

    Keywords: Histology; Microstructural analysis; Meat quality control; Beef microstructural; Meat collagen fibers; Autolytic processes; Meat muscle fibers; Sausage inspection; Histological examination; Chicken meat examination, Minced meat, Detection of falsifications of meat; Beef muscle tissue; Defrosted meat examination.

    Microstructural analysis methods allow not only assessing the quality but also determining the quantitative ratio of the ingredients of meat products. With the histological examination, it is possible to estimate the state of the starting material. Changes in the native morphology manifest defrosted raw materials or those subjected to autolytic processes. Improving the methods of histological studies to assess the quality and identify undeclared components (falsifications) in meat products is still relevant today. The material for the study was meat products: ripened and chilled poultry and cattle (hip) meat, semi-finished products (chicken and ground beef), finished meat products (sausage products). Studying the microstructure of beef samples found the good structuredness of muscle fibers. The endomysium has well developed, which is especially clearly seen in the cross-section. On the periphery of the muscle fibers under the sarcolemma found oval-elongated nuclei. During the histological examination of minced meat and sausages, especially when staining according to the Perls Van Gieson method, fragments of fatty and connective tissues are revealed. The developed method opens up vast opportunities for use in quality control and detection of falsifications of raw meat and meat products.

    Paper ID: 11A15J

  • Structural Changes in Russian Exports

    Oksana N. Berduygina (Department of Business Informatics and Mathematics, Tyumen Industrial University, RUSSIA).

    Disciplinary: International Business Management & Trade Policy, Economic Science..

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    DOI: 10.14456/ITJEMAST.2020.299

    Keywords: Export potential; Commodity structure; Export diversification; Economic growth; Structural changes; Sustainable development.

    Sustainable economic development does not only have the export volume and growth rate, but also its qualitative structure. This problem confirms that non-energy commodity exports need encouragement. Recent economic crises have shown that the fragile economic growth in Russia strongly depends on volatile conditions in global commodity markets. They also have accentuated a need in priority rethinking. This research explores the dynamics of the commodity structure in Russian exports in 2008-2019. Having evaluated the export potential and structural changes, we identified key trends that the export structure diversification was slight. There were the largest positive structural changes in groups of foods and agricultural raw materials, metals and metal products, textiles, textile products, and shoes. There was a decrease in export shares of mineral and chemical products, machinery, equipment, and vehicles. 2015-2016 became a turning point for export structural changes. The data obtained show that export growth rates exceed growth rates of GDP and those in the share of non-energy non-resource exports. At the same time, in terms of the export quota, the involvement in international trade is mild-moderate. In value terms, in the period under review, Russian exports revealed a steady trend towards contraction. In the medium and long term, the commodity status of Russian exports dominates against the background of changes to priority commodity groups. We obviously need a transition to another type based on the growth in the sectors that are a part of the inward-oriented group.

    Paper ID: 11A15K

  • Issues & Challenges Faced by Warehouse Management in the FMCG Sector of Pakistan

    Asad Ali Qazi (Department Department of Business Administration, Sukkur IBA University, PAKISTAN).

    Disciplinary: Business and Logistic Management.

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    DOI: 10.14456/ITJEMAST.2020.300

    Keywords: Warehouse Efficiency; Warehouse Planning; Labor Management; Stock Keeping Unit (SKU); Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG); Warehouse Management; Third-party logistics (3PL).

    The effectiveness and efficiency of warehouse management directly influence organizational performance. Currently, most of the businesses moving to third party logistics (3PL) concept to minimize the cost and increase the product flow. There are several types of research available for 3PL but in the Pakistani scenario, no past research has been conducted on the problems and challenges of 3PL warehouses. Exploratory research has been used in the qualitative approach. The phenomenology research design has been used to reveal the inner thought of perception in certain situations. Research reveals multiple challenges like fast movement inventory flow, space utilization, abnormal and non-seasonal trends, expire and slow-moving inventory, etc. These issues and challenges are directly affected by warehouse management and their KPI's. The study will help warehouse managers, strategic planners to overcome these issues. The 3PL business may plan their strategies according to the outcome of this study. Papers imply supply chain officials to get a competitive advantage in their effective and efficient warehousing.

    Paper ID: 11A15L

  • Meditational Effects of Personal Strategies in Relationship of Causes and Outcomes of Occupational Stress: A Survey of Judiciary in KP Pakistan

    Tehseen Ahmad, Qamar Afaq Qureshi (Department of Public Administration, Institute of Political and Administrative Studies, Gomal University D.I. Khan, KP, PAKISTAN).
    Nida Habib (Department of Business Administration, Gomal University, D.I. Khan, KP, PAKISTAN).
    Irfan Ullah (School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology, CHINA).

    Disciplinary: Public Administration and Management Sciences.

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    DOI: 10.14456/ITJEMAST.2020.301

    Keywords: Job stress reduction; Individual Stressors; Collective stressors; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa; Depression; Absenteeism.

    All the employees working in the public sector organizations have to face occupational stress in or the other way. The goal of this research paper is to find out the mediating role of personal strategies in the relationship of causes (individual stressors & collective stressors) and outcomes (depression, absenteeism, & trauma, etc) of occupational stress in the judiciary (judges & advocates) in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Pakistan. A survey has been conducted using the samples from all the twenty-five districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Two hundred and fifty-two judges and advocates completed a constructed and standardized questionnaire. Data was analysed through software SPSS?20.0. The results showed that personal strategies mediate the relationship between the causes and outcomes of occupational stress. It also identifies that personal strategies play a significant role while reducing the level of stress in the judges and advocates.

    Paper ID: 11A15M

  • Parklet Ideas Making Small Street Urban Spaces with Big Impacts

    Hanaa Mahmoud Shokry ( Department of Interior Design, Faculty of Architecture and Design, Jazan University, KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA).

    Disciplinary: Urban and City Design, Landscape Ecology and Environmental Aesthetic Management.

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    DOI: 10.14456/ITJEMAST.2020.302

    Keywords: Urban street design; Design considerations; Community life; Jazan City; Metered parking; Parklet design; Cityscape; Streetscape.

    This paper discusses parklets, an idea of simple solutions that can solve some social issues and respond to environmental conditions, at the same time. The study approaches both theoretical and case study to represents an innovative approach to street design that redistributes street spaces more safe and comfortable for all users and, covers elements that can help to create friendly places to enhance community life. We can define parklets as, small removable, physical intervention platforms made available to the public for recreational use that takes the place of two or more on-street parking spaces, widening the sidewalk. Parklets symbolize the desire to create a more enjoyable, communal, healthy, and vibrant public realm. Transforming excess street space into a cost-effective, small park that can have an enormous impact. Designing a successful parklet requires a variety of considerations. The study shows that small spaces can make a massive difference on the street by creating new public spaces and pedestrian areas that improve the quality of life. After reviewing and analyzing many models of parklets in the world, the paper reaches some standards of parklets design, which can correspond to the streets of downtown Jazan City as a case study that can be applied in all cities of the Saudi Kingdom and the world.

    Paper ID: 11A15N

  • An Analysis of Self-Concept between Homeless and Common Women in Pakistan

    Samra Maqbool, Zhao Wei, Uzma Sarwar, Samina Zamir, Hafiz Muhammad Ihsan Zafeer (School of Education, Shaanxi Normal University, Xi'an CHINA).

    Disciplinary: Woman Studies, Humanities, Homeless Study.

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    DOI: 10.14456/ITJEMAST.2020.303

    Keywords: Self-concept; Beliefs, Homeless shelter; Sentiments; Homelessness; Social stigma; Shelter homes; Family violence.

    This study aims to discover the association between the self-concept of homeless women and common women. The samples of participants were 60. The self-concept scale was in Urdu and consisted of 52 items to measure self-concept. This study was hypothesized that the self-concept of homeless women should be lower than common women. Result designated that homeless women have higher self-concept than common women. Regarding Education, results specified that all groups, those women whose education level is matriculation have lower self-concept than those whose education level is above matriculation. According to marital status, there are no differences in results on self-concept among the groups of unmarried and married women. Age was one more demographic on the self-concept scale adults have a high self-concept than adolescents in the overall group.

    Paper ID: 11A15O

  • Diagnoses of Leptospirosis in Animals

    Gulnara Nurlygayanova, Vasily Belousov, Alisa Varentsova (Department of Short Research Papers, Federal State Budgetary Institution, Central Scientific and Methodical Veterinary Laboratory, RUSSIA),
    Nadezhda Ozheredova (Department of Epizootology and Microbiology, Stavropol State Agrarian University, RUSSIA),
    Oleg Chernykh (Department of Microbiology, Epizootology and Virology, Kuban State Agrarian University named after I. T. Trubilina, RUSSIA).

    Disciplinary: Biology, Epizootology, and Microbiology, Bioscience, Veterinary Sciences.

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    DOI: 10.14456/ITJEMAST.2020.304

    Keywords: Dark-Field Microscopy; Microagglutination Reaction; PCR; Bacteriological studies; Microagglutination Reaction; Infectious jaundice; Microscopic agglutination test (MAT).

    There have been presenting a comparative analysis of the results of leptospirosis diagnosis by methods used in the Russian Federation's veterinary laboratories. Using the microagglutination reaction, specific antibodies to leptospira were detecting in 136862 animals. A total of 64686 urine samples was examined with dark-field microscopy. Applying PCR, the leptospira genome is detected in pathological material in 57 cases. The PCR method in the water of open reservoirs cannot detect the pathogenic leptospira genome. In the study of biological material, the leptospira genome was found in 248 cases. To increase the efficiency of diagnosis and reduce the time of diagnosis for leptospirosis, it is advisable to conduct parallel bacteriological studies of the material in combination with PCR analysis. Micro-agglutination reaction and molecular genetic analysis (PCR) are the most inforeaction micro-agglutinative and technologically advanced laboratory diagnostic methods.

    Paper ID: 11A15P

  • Iris Pattern Recognition: A Quantitative Review on How to Improve Iris-Based Pattern Recognition Security System

    G Malathi (School of Computing Science and Engineering, Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai. INDIA ),

    Dinesh Mavaluru, Karthik Srinivasan (College of Computing and Informatics, Saudi Electronic University, SAUDI ARABIA ),

    Jayabrabu Ramakrishnan (College of Computer Science and Information Technology, Jazan University, SAUDI ARABIA ).

    Disciplinary: Ophthalmology, Computer Science and Informatics Engineering.

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    DOI: 10.14456/ITJEMAST.2020.305

    Keywords: Iris pattern recognition; Unimodal Biometrics; Multi-model Biometrics; Score-level fusion; Orientation recognition; Iris centre.

    The biometrics is a reliable authentication process for identifying individuals. Iris pattern recognition is a booming sector in biometric which has high accuracy in identification/authentication. The iris-based security system required an infra-red camera or video camera for the authentication process. This paper reviews several well-known Iris pattern recognition techniques that are used for authentication by biometric identities of iris. This work also discusses facts and downsides in the existing iris pattern recognition techniques.

    Paper ID: 11A15Q

  • Development of Information Competencies of Engineering Students

    Elena N. Fokina (Department of Business Informatics and Mathematics, Tyumen Industrial University, RUSSIA ).

    Disciplinary: Engineering Education (Curriculum and Learning Development).

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    DOI: 10.14456/ITJEMAST.2020.306

    Keywords: Engineering education, information competences; CDIO, digitalization; educational environment; learning model; DigComp.

    Intensive digitalization of the engineering profession imposes new requirements for the methods and approaches to the effective formation of information literacy. In Russia, this process is complicated by the strict state educational standards, which is not enough to train competitive specialists in the job market. The gaps that emerged while preparing the Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) are proposed to be filled with Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate (CDIO)-based tools. In the paper, the CDIO Syllabus project for BEng students is discussed as the methodological solution. The project includes a list of training results that are in line with Russia's Federal State Educational Standard (FSES 3++) and the DigComp 2.0 model. The practical application of the CDIO Syllabus project is demonstrated using the case of individual and/or group educational products based on a university's information-educational environment and resources. The study examines its structure, content, and implementation technology. To justify the applicability of the proposed solutions, we analyze the advantages of the CDIO initiative when building information competences for students of BEng programs. The research findings can be adapted to the orientation or educational profile of a university's engineering training.

    Paper ID: 11A15R

  • Evaluation Lactic Acid Bacteria Autostrains with Anti-Campylobacter Jejuni Activity on Broiler Chickens Productivity

    Yuri Kuznetsov (Department of Parasitology, St. Petersburg State University of Veterinary Medicine, RUSSIA),
    Ilya Nikonov (Research Department, Perm State Agro-Technological University named after Academician D.N. Pryanishnikov, RUSSIA),
    Elena Kapitonova (Department of Private Livestock, Vitebsk State Awarded the Badge of Honour Order Veterinary Medicine Academy, BELARUS),
    Nadezhda Kuznetsova (Department of Parasitology, St. Petersburg State University of Veterinary Medicine, RUSSIA),
    Ruslan Omarov (Department of Technology of Production and Processing of Agricultural Products, Stavropol State Agrarian University, RUSSIA).

    Disciplinary: Agricultural and Animal Sciences, Microbiology; Bioscience.

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    DOI: 10.14456/ITJEMAST.2020.307

    Keywords: Cross Cobb-500; C. jejuni; Campylobacteriosis; Growing chickens; Intestinal microbiota; Zooanthroponotic infections.

    Modern poultry farming is based on preventing zooanthroponotic infections by targeted regulation of the intestinal microbiota using a wide range of probiotic preparations. This article reflects the results of a study on feeding broiler chickens with a feed additive containing autostrains of lactobacilli with anti-Campylobacter jejuni (C. jejuni) activity in comparison with intact chickens. As a result of the studies, autostrains of heterologous lactobacilli with activity against Campylobacter on the zootechnical parameters of growing broiler chickens "Cobb-500" was shown. Thus, the introduction of a feed additive based on lactobacilli, in general, had a positive effect on the productivity of broiler chickens.

    Paper ID: 11A15S

  • Mediating Role of Organisational Strategies in Relationship of the Causes and Outcomes of Occupational Stress

    Tehseen Ahmad, Qamar Afaq Qureshi (Department of Public Administration, Institute of Political and Administrative Studies, Gomal University D.I. Khan, KP, PAKISTAN),
    Nida Habib (Department of Business Administration, Gomal University, D.I. Khan, KP, PAKISTAN),
    L.S. Abdullah (General Mechanics Department, Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Lipetsk State Technical University, RUSSIA),
    P.A. Krovopuskov (Department of Design and Artistic Processing Materials, Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Lipetsk State Technical University, Lipetsk, RUSSIA).

    Disciplinary: Public Administration and Management Sciences.

    ➤ FullText

    DOI: 10.14456/ITJEMAST.2020.308

    Keywords: Job stress reduction; Individual Stressors; Collective stressors; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa; Group stressors; Organisational Stressors; Extra-Organisational; Judges; Advocates; Stress awareness of judges.

    Everyone has the right to spend his life happily but the question arises, how. The goal of this research is to identify the Mediating role of Organizational strategies in the relationship of causes (Individual stressors, Group stressors, organizational stressors, & Extra-organizational stressors) and outcomes (Depression, Absenteeism, & Trauma, etc.) of occupational stress. This work has applied the qualitative tools of thematic analysis like 'argumentation' to analyzed results. For the field study, a questionnaire was used to gather the first-hand view on the topic, using a seven-point interval scale to agree or disagree with the statements to analyze the empirical relationships. Two hundred and fifty-two judges and advocates represented by 18 females and 234 males completed a constructed and standardized questionnaire. The empirical results from the currents study tell that the mediating variable, i.e. organizational strategies plays a very significant role while reducing the level of stress among the employees.

    Paper ID: 11A15T

  • Results of Using Tripoli on Zoohygienic Indicators in the Raising a Parent Herd of Meat Breed Chickens

    Ivan Kochish, Ilya Nikonov (Department of Zoohygiene and Poultry named after A.K.Danilova, Moscow state Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology - MVA by K.I. Skryabin, RUSSIA),
    Elena Kapitonova (Department of Private Livestock, Vitebsk State Awarded the ?Badge of Honour? Order Veterinary Medicine Academy, BELARUS),
    Sergey Shlykov, Ruslan Omarov (Department of Technology of Production and Processing of Agricultural Products, Stavropol State Agrarian University, RUSSIA).

    Disciplinary: Agricultural and Animal Sciences, Bioscience.

    ➤ FullText

    DOI: 10.14456/ITJEMAST.2020.309

    Keywords: Breeding chicken; Aflatoxin; Adsorption; Deep litter; Decrease bacteria and viruses; Egg acidity; Tripoli rock; Farm bedding material.

    This paper presented the results of tripoli influence on the zootechnical parameters of the chickens' parent flock. There was established that the mineral additive Khotimskiy based on tripoli in an acidic medium had pronounced adsorption towards aflatoxin, T-2 toxin, ochratoxin sorbing these toxins by 87-100%. Concerning zearalenone, deoxynivalenol, and fumonisin, an adequate sorption capacity was established at the level of 61-70%. When the medium's pH changes from an acidic reaction to a neutral one, its sorption activity decreases. The addition of a mineral additive to the litter in an amount of 100 g/m2 helps eliminate unpleasant odors and leads to a decrease in the number of bacteria and viruses, suppresses fungi and mold, and repels flies. Its use contributes to an increase in the litter material's dryness by 12.5%, a decrease in the acid number of the obtained products (eggs) by 2.3%, and does not harm the gross productivity of laying hens.

    Paper ID: 11A15U

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