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    • Information pertaining to ethical aspects for authors

      To be published in the American Transactions on Engineering & Applied Sciences, original work is required: this means the submitted work has not previously or simultaneously been published (except has been published as part of a published lecture, review, or thesis).  Submitted manuscripts/articles must not be under consideration of others publisher(s) for publications. (Please read plagiarism below). With approval by all coauthor(s), the submitting (or corresponding) author held whole responsibility of such manuscript submission approval.  Copyright transfer signed by all author(s) must be accompanied the submission of manuscript.

      Authors should be limited to those who make substantial contribution to the submitted work.  Otherwise, the name(s) of person(s) who provide(s) little or partial contribution should be added in Acknowledgement section.

      Duplication Publication
      Substantial duplication(s) of whole or partial work(s) is(are) not allowed, as restricted by copyright.  If such duplication (texts, Figure(s), Drawing(s) or Table(s)) is executed, clear information must be given to the Editor-in-Chief.  In any cases, author(s) is(are) responsible to obtain full reprint permission(s) from all previous publisher(s) or copyright holder(s).

      Whole or partial imitation(s) (copy) of previous/prior work(s) and presentation as your own original work(s) is(are) consideredplagiarism, especially through cut and paste process in order to have multiple work(s) published in multiple publications when small or no new information/knowledge is added.  Author(s) who reuse(s) substantial parts of their own published work without providing the appropriate references is considered self-plagiarism.  

      Author(s) should try to avoid even minor plagiarism by given proper reference(s) to others' work(s), and obtain proper permission(s).

      If plagiarism is found, ATEAS's Editor-in-Chief and/or  Editorial Board Member(s) will officially contact the authors' institute(s) and funding agencies, informing such academic misconduct(s).  In addition, plagiarism note with online (multiple) link(s) to same elsewhere published article(s) or plagiarized material(s) is explicitly displayed.  Either clear plagiarism mark(s) will be added to the published article(s) or plagiarized article(s) is(are) retracted.  

      Question(s) regarding manuscript/publication process should be directed to one of the following email (no space between):

         AmericanTransaction @ gmail.com




    Call-for-Scientific Papers
    Call-for-Research Papers: 
    ATEAS invites you to submit high quality papers for full peer-review and possible publication in areas pertaining engineering, science, management and technology, especially interdisciplinary/cross-disciplinary/multidisciplinary subjects.

    To publish your work in the next available issue, your manuscripts together with copyright transfer document signed by all authors  can be submitted via email to Editor @ TuEngr.com (no space between). (please see all detail from Instructions for Authors)

    Publication and peer-reviewed process:
    After the peer-review process (4-10 weeks), articles will be on-line published in the available next issue.  However, the American Transactions on Engineering, & Applied Sciences  cannot guarantee the exact publication time as the process may take longer time, subject to peer-review approval and adjustment of the submitted articles.

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