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    • Subscription, Fees, and Charges

      American Transactions on Engineering & Applied Sciences (ATEAS) publishes quality research and review, scientific and technical articles.  Like other journals, ATEAS's costs include journal information system, electronic composition and production, manuscript management system, electronic archiving, processing costs of publishing the accepted and rejected articles, as well as overhead expenses, and administrative costs.

      Subscription Access: Digital Copy

      Daily access: US$10
      Monthly access: US$25
      Yearly access: US$100

      Yearly unlimited access: US$250

      Subscription Access: Hard Copy

      A single hard copy(full-color): US$125
      A complete single volume(full-color): US$600 (4-5 issues/volume [ 1 copies for each issue])
      (one volume per year)

      Note: These rates are subject to change without prior notices.


      Fees and Charges for publication
      At the current time, publication processing fee and charge is US$159 for each publishing standard article at the American Transactions on Engineering & Applied Sciences (ATEAS).

      Students paper (student is first author): for each student / research scholar paper processing fee and charge is US$49 (academic ID proof needed at the time of manuscript submission).

      At the time of submission, authors/student authors may write a request that the editorial office waive some/all of the fee/charge under special circumstances.  All fee and charge rates are subject to change without prior notice, until manuscript submission is made.

      Fees and Charges for Special Issue
      For each article to be published in special issue, processing fee and charge is US$129 (Up to 20 pages).

      Fine and fee for not submitting improved manuscript to get final acceptance for publication
      For each submitted manuscript that the referee(s)/reviewer(s) have suggested for publication, a processing fine US$500 will be charged to author(s) who do(es) not submit final improved manuscript. If the payment is not paid, all author names will be blacklisted on the website. To remove blacklisted names, the fine and fee US$600 must be made. No fee and charge is imposed on the author(s) submitting improved manuscript to get final acceptance for publication. It is author(s) responsibility to submit improved manuscript to get final acceptance for publication.

      Both ATEAS and TuEngr.com Group are operated under a not-for-profit scheme.



    Call-for-Scientific Papers
    Call-for-Research Papers: 
    ATEAS invites you to submit high quality papers for full peer-review and possible publication in areas pertaining engineering, science, management and technology, especially interdisciplinary/cross-disciplinary/multidisciplinary subjects.

    To publish your work in the next available issue, your manuscripts together with copyright transfer document signed by all authors  can be submitted via email to Editor @ TuEngr.com (no space between). (please see all detail from Instructions for Authors)

    Publication and peer-reviewed process:
    After the peer-review process (4-10 weeks), articles will be on-line published in the available next issue.  However, the American Transactions on Engineering, & Applied Sciences  cannot guarantee the exact publication time as the process may take longer time, subject to peer-review approval and adjustment of the submitted articles.


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